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Arizona Classic Car Insurance Coverage

Classic Car Insurance

Custom Select Insurance is an insurance firm based in Arizona. We offer great deals on various insurance products, including classic car insurance.

Whether you are a collector of old cars or have kept a vehicle you purchased decades ago in good working order, you should consider getting it insured. For insurance purposes, a vehicle must be at least 15 years old to be considered classic. The mileage and condition of the car will also be taken into consideration. If you still drive the vehicle, Arizona requires you to have classic or ordinary car insurance. But if you only keep the car for a show or its value, it is possible to take out classic car insurance.

Even if you do not drive your classic, you should still have it insured. The fact that it is still in good condition means that you have invested considerable time and money in its upkeep. Its market value has probably increased over the years, which means it can be considered an asset. It is this monetary value that you must protect against accidents such as fire, vandalism, or accidental damage. If you store the vehicle in a special facility or your home garage, it is still vulnerable to being scratched, dented, or destroyed. If it is damaged, repairing it may cost you a lot of money. Having insurance can help you defray these costs. If it is destroyed, the insurance will compensate you for the loss.

You are the best judge of the protection you need for your classic car. The insurance policy you have developed should reflect your habits and priorities regarding the vehicle. Custom Select Insurance will work with you when writing your insurance policy. Our team will ensure you know what to expect from the policy should the worst happen to your vehicle.

You should contact Custom Select Insurance today if you need insurance for your classic car.

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